What You Should Know About 1031 Exchanges

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Our investment strategies cover all areas of real estate. And our professionals do too. In addition to traditional buy and sell transactions, we facilitate and support 1031 Exchanges of investment properties for tax deferral and to maximize investment dollars.

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Did You Know?

The 1031 tax deferred exchange is one of the most powerful revenue maximizing tools available to owners of personal and real property held for business or investments purposes, and yet it remains one of the most misunderstood and underused sections of the tax code. FNF offers our clients 1031 Exchange solutions via our in-house Qualified Intermediary, Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. (IPX1031®) www.ipx1031.com. IPX1031′s® proven expertise and superior customer service, combined with the financial strength and resources of FNF, allows IPX1031® to provide clients with the professional Qualified Intermediary services and financial security they demand.

While there are many Qualified Intermediaries in the industry, there are none that can match IPX1031′s® financial strength and uncompromising commitment to security, expertise and service. IPX1031® is the national industry leader and has provided clients with superior Qualified Intermediary services for over two decades. To insure the security of the client’s exchange funds, IPX1031® provides a $100 million fidelity bond, a $50 million written performance guarantee, and $30 million in errors and omissions professional liability insurance.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

The sale of a business or investment asset can create a large tax liability. A properly structured tax deferred exchange under Internal Revenue Code §1031 allows businesses and individuals to defer the recognition of capital gains and other taxes associated with the sale. To successfully complete a 1031 tax deferred exchange, there are specific requirements that must be met and clients must engage the services of a professional Qualified Intermediary like IPX1031®.

The most common type of 1031 Exchange is used for real estate, likely due to the broad definition of what is considered “like-kind” for Real Estate (or Real Property) Exchanges. In general, any type of US real property held by the client for productive use in a trade or business, or for investment purposes can be exchanged for more real property as long as the properties are of “like-kind”. There are many different types of exchanges that are available to investors, each with their own specific requirements and limitations.

Services Offered

IPX1031® offers clients a full suite of exchange services covering Real Estate, Personal Property, Multiple Asset, Aircraft to the more complicated Reverse and Improvement, and Master Like-Kind Exchange Programs. With a formidable team of attorneys, sales specialists and coordinators, IPX1031® expertly educates clients and their tax advisors to ensure all options are fully understood so clients can make the best informed decision based on their individual circumstances.

More Info & Resources

For more information or to initiate a 1031 Exchange, please visit www.ipx1031.com or call 888-771-1031.

To learn more, attend a complimentary online 1031 Introduction or Advanced 1031 webinar. Register online at http://www.ipx1031.com/ipx1031-webinars/.

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